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      Flash Fiction


All print editions $13.00 each; all digital editions, $2.99 each.


The Revenge of the House Hurlers


54 mini-fictions. Carnivorous butterflies; a guild of deconstruction workers who feel unappreciated; the un-feathered desire lurking within a poultry farmer; nurturing the love of possession after death; what your faithful closet monster might be doing while you are away; the finer points of living to two hundred; and other tales of the possible, the impossible, the magnificent, the mundane, and the astounding.  Individual stories published in places like Café Irreal, Red Truck Forum, Spank the Carp, and more than a dozen other magazines.


Avenging Cartography


55 mini-fictions.  A village that builds its houses of books.  A young woman who is dating an insect, even though she knows her own father is a spider herder.  Houses that migrate, forcing their inhabitants to recognize each other as neighbors.  A bear who seeks a career in accounting.  A man confronting dangerous mammoth rustlers in his yard.  Celebrations of the phantasmagorical complications of a surreal life.  Taken from Danse Macabre, Every Day Fiction, Black Denim, and a plethora of magazines.



Constant Animals


42 mini-fictions. A man who falls in love with a giant mouth.  A working prostitute composed entirely of glass.  A woman’s breasts, feeling unappreciated, leave.  A lower class of birds justifies their relationship with their overlord birds.  How one is supposed to carry a monkey in public.  Chickens compete in their design of cell phone cases.  Stories originally appearing in Menacing Hedge, Siren, Mobius, and others.



The Book of Robot


Poetry.  Explorations of the emotions and awareness robots might one day develop.  Machines that grow fond of each other, machines that take advantage of each other.  Machines that hold jealous rivalries.   Individual poems originally appearing in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Asimov’s, The Adirondack Review and elsewhere.


Victims of a Failed Civics


Poetry.  Surreal, speculative poetry touching on social enigmas.  A man who is constantly burning; a young girl who is turning into a mule; a drunken town trying to fend off temperance leaguers; a boy who can summon snakes.  Originally appearing in places like The Iowa Review, Poet Lore, West Branch and elsewhere.



Ken Poyner is the author of three collections of mini-fictions, five collections of poetry, and has published more than 2000 poems, stories and essays in more than 300 print and web publications.  He has been nominated for multiple Pushcart and Best of the Web awards, was a finalist for the Sidewise award, and has received multiple Rhysling and Elgin award nominations.  He lives in the lower right-hand corner of Virginia with his world champion powerlifting wife, four rescue cats, and several pampered betta fish.


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